Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cotton, Cotton, Everywhere!

I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger in a wind storm,  as they say.

I seem to have every conceivable cotton project in the works:

Table runners:  A Grandmother's Flower Garden block in the works for a fall runner.

Plus I'm working on some table runners as Christmas gifts  ~   tee-hee

Lap quilts:   Here's the beginnings of a black and orange Granny Square.  These blocks, along with eight others will be sewn together to make a nice sized lap quilt.  I love black as an anchor color!

I also have a Sunflower lap quilt in the works.  It is left over from last fall. ("Slow and steady wins the race.", I say.)  The only thing holding me back on this one is whether or not to go bigger. 

Then there's sofa cushion covers and covers for benches.  I don't have any pictures of those at this moment in time.  But, that's okay.  My plate is full so I will add them when I go back for seconds!

 And I am helping one of my Aaron/Hur team make lap quilts from her Papa's old shirts.  I'm not sure who's more excited, me or her!

She has the first of three tops done!  Now she has to choose how to quilt and bind it.  I must say, it is much larger than I had anticipated!  That was a very wonderful surprise!  The other two should go together lickity-split! !   The first of anything is always a nerve wrecking endeavor, but she's doing a spectacular job!

Well, I guess I had better get back to my Lovely Loads of Laundry that are awaiting me.  When those are done I, (me, myself) am going to play with cotton!  Oh, yes. Yes indeed.

Sew until next time,
Lovely Daydreams From the Land of Cotton!

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